from ideas to impact

Oikoi integrates scientific research, emerging technologies, capacity building, and storytelling to create impact in challenging environments.

we ask questions

Research design is arguably the most important and powerful skill a scientist can have Dr Caspar Roxburgh, Oikoi Research Director

Dr Caspar Roxburgh, Oikoi Research Director

we collect & analyse data

Mobile Apps / Satellite / Drones / Blockchain / Visualisation & monitoring / Automation systems

we communicate findings

Reporting / Publications / Photography / Film & animation / Presentations

we integrate research and technology into practical solutions…

Unless it’s adopted it’s not a solution. So we’ve got to believe in it enough to go on that journey Stuart Higgins, Oikoi Founder & Director

we build capacity

Capacity building is about the future projects we're not there for Nicole Eichorn, Oikoi Implementation Officer

we make it work in challenging environments

We use research to create knowledge, then implement it by putting our hands on the ground to deliver impact Ramadhani Achdiawan, Oikoi Implementation Director

we create impact


We supported 9 ACIAR research projects in 5 countries to adopt digital data collection

Evidence Action

We created systems that enabled Evidence Action to disburse and track 140,000 no-interest loans in Bangladesh to fight seasonal hunger


We implemented a survey of 18,500 agricultural kiosks across 6 provinces of Indonesia for AIP-Rural & PRISMA/DFAT

Fortune 500

We worked with a Fortune 500 company to improve supply chain efficiency and sustainability in Sumatra, Indonesia

Partners in Health

We assisted Partners In Health (PIH) to deliver a TB inoculation and WASH hygiene campaign for 14,000 households in Haiti after a series of natural disasters

University of South Australia

We developed a tailor-made mobile app for the University of South Australia to interview households in India and Pakistan about their irrigation and water management priorities

University of New England

We are developing a mobile application to collect data in 4 research areas of beef production in Indonesia for the University of New England

University of Sydney

We provided capacity building in mobile data collection to the University of Sydney for a research project in northwest Cambodia

we have an amazing team

Stuart Higgins

Stuart Higgins

Founder & Director

Caspar Roxburgh

Caspar Roxburgh

Research & Storytelling Director

Amber Gregory

Amber Gregory

Technical Director

Chaseley Ross

Chaseley Ross

Business Manager

Nicole Eichorn

Nicole Eichorn

Implementation Officer

we have a vision

To implement science-based systems and technologies that make people excited about their future

Oikoi Vision

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